Next Fish Shipping Date: 6/24/24

It turns out that the orange Koi spawn did have fry remaining so we have 3 spawns currently growing out. All three will be moving to Growout A in a few weeks. One of our spawning tanks was rested with a uv sterlizer due to cloudiness caused by excessive algae. This dropped us down to 6 available spawning tanks. We used 4 of these to put pairs together this week using these males:


We have an incoming shipment with selected fish for breeding purposes. All of these will eventually move to the sales floor.

A total of 17 fish are expected on this incoming shipment. We have our first import of the year arriving in mid to late March we expect around 200-250 fish on this import with at least 50% of them being female. Because of this we will be doing a massive clean out over the month of Feb of our excess females to drop the amount of females we have on hand down about 1/2. We have currently over 100-200 females on hand. We have added mystery females and cull females to the website to help facilitate getting these girls out of our sororities to make room.

All fish with a 200-299 number will be removed from the website on Friday to make room for the incoming shipment. There will be a sharp price increase coming as the cost to properly care for fish and import them has risen coupled with slow sales meaning fish are staying in our care longer. We expect this price rise to hit with the incoming import shipment and will bring our prices more in line with those of other online Betta sellers.

Depending on the end results of our Betta pairings this week we do have pairings being planned for next week. Most of the males in this weeks spawn will be going for sale after they recover from the spawning attempt. The males we are considering breeding this week are:


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