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Yellow Koi HMPK M x Yellow Koi HMPK F




















12/6/2023 – Spawn is doing very well and is quite large.

12/11/2023 – Spawn continues to thrive, though growing slowly. Very very large spawn estimate close to 150 and I feel that the growth rate being slower is due to the sheer amount of fry in the tank.

12/16/2023 – Plan to start moving spawn members to Growout Tank B because the large size of the spawn is too cramped in the current tank.

12/17/2023 – After pulling hornwort out of the tank it became apparent that the spawn was 2-3x larger than initially thought. Around 250 or more fry were found to be in the tank which explains why they are much slower growing than other spawns. 1/2 of the spawn was removed to Growout Tank B with hopes that separating the fry will help their growth rate.

12/26/2023 – Moved spawn to Growout Tank B.

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