Next Fish Shipping Date: 6/24/24

Grow Out Tank A

Current Inhabitants: Orange Neo Shrimp, Ivory Mystery Snails, Purple Mystery Snails, Yellow Koi HM M x Yellow Koi HMPK F, Yellow CT M x Chocolate CTPK F, Black Orchid HM M x Avatar Red HMPK F, Lavender HM M x Cambodian HM F

Plants: Java Fern, Hornworth, Jungle Val

Tank Photos:

Tank on 1/11/24.



12/4/2023 – Spawns are mingling well and getting along with both each other and their tank mates. Currently moved off BBS and eating dry crumbles, fry powder, and frozen BBS/Adult Brine Shrimp/Bloodworms/Daphnia.

12/11/2023 – Tank growing out well, getting lots of colors and eating frozen food primarily. Very active.


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