Mystery CULL Baby


Mystery CULL Baby

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    This is a BABY BETTA and will need frozen and smaller size food. Please see our articles on Baby Betta care.

    You are buying a MYSTERY Baby Betta that will be between 8-12 weeks old. The Betta may be from any spawn and you will not be able to pick anything about the baby including but not limited to the gender, color, or parents. Sometimes when breeding we end up with a baby that is simply not saleable due because of one or several reasons which can include:

    1. Undesirable Color – Certain colors have poor sales. We try to avoid breeding these colors as much as possible but it is not always possible when breeding kois and similar colors to completely avoid ending up with some in these unwanted colors.
    2. Too Many of One Color – Sometimes we end up with way too many of a certain color (usually solid colors) and just cannot possibly sell that many of the color at normal pricing so we offer some of these at cull pricing to get them moved faster.
    3. Stunted/Undersized – In every spawn there will be a few that are just really undersized and therefore not really marketable. It is not known why this happens but tends to be more prevalent in larger spawns. These fry may simply being out competed for food or for some unknown reason extra affected by the growth inhibiting hormone of their siblings. Generally these stunted fry will be 1/2 or smaller the average size of the rest of the spawn and they may never grow to a full adult size.
    4. Minor physical deformities like minor spoonhead, missing ventral, fin conformity issues, one big fin one small fin, short body, scale conformity issues, or minor ray issues.

    We DO NOT send out fish as culls with genetic deformities like severe spoonhead, xfactor, or missing eye(s) or other issues like swim bladder, tumors, or other major life effecting issues.