Next Fish Shipping Date: 6/24/24

Each fish is graded when we photo them. We use a point base grading system of our own design and our grade may not confer with grades by other breeders or suppliers.


BR – Breeder grade, these fish are excellent in form, shape, and color as well as temperament and if unsold will be used in our breeding program. They will be available to purchase for 14 days and then moved into the breeding program.

PG – Premium Grade is a fish that is excellent or or good in color, form, or other ways but that we do not have interest in breeding. This may be because we are not interested in the tail type or the color or just have better specimens of that color and type. These fish will be available for purchase up to 30 days.


PT – Pet Grade is a fish of acceptable form with a common color that is best for pet only. These will be available for purchase up to 7 days.


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