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Each fish is graded when we photo them. We use a point base grading system of our own design and our grade may not confer with grades by other breeders or suppliers. We are providing the points list as a reference to how we grade for customers to understand.


AAA – 90-100+ points

AA 75-89 points

A 60-74 points

B 48-59 points



+25 points for 180° caudal (HM/HMPK)

+15 for super delta

+15 for clean double ray points (CT Only)

+10 for clean single ray points (CT Only)

+10 points if anal fin is closely level with caudal

+15 points if dorsal fin overlaps caudal

+10 if fins are not damaged

+12 if ventrals are present

+15 if top line is clean with no dips

-15 for spoonhead

-20 for mismatched scales



+15 for koi, galaxy, avatar, or Samurai pattern

+12 for pink, purple, mustard gas

+5 for multicolor

+5 for butterfly

+5 for orange, yellow, or black coloring

+2 for clean solid color



+15 if flare easily at reflection

+5 if does not flare at reflection but does at female/male in adjacent tank

+2 if will only flare at male/female in same tank



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