Yellow CT M x Chocolate CTPK F


















11/4/2023 – Many fry still in tank. Tank has plenty of infusoria for this spawn. Tank is the most established of the breeding tanks. Vinegar Eels added daily. Some fry seen swimming erratically. Fry are white/pale in color with no lines.

11/9/2023 – Spawn still doing well. Fry seem smaller than other fry we are raising but they eat well and are lively. They have moved off Vinegar Eels onto BBS.

11/10/2023 – Spawn doing well, noticed a few very small ones in the group today that seem to be 1/2 the size of their siblings so put more Vinegar Eeels in to ensure they have food they can eat. Some appear to already be showing a slight yellow tint to them.

11/14/2023 – Spawn doing well, still quite large, not as interested in BBS as other spawns though seem to be getting plenty of food from other sources.

11/16/23 – Spawn still doing well, eating well, growing on target.

12/3/23 – Moved to Growout Tank A.



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