Yellow Koi HMPK M x Yellow Koi HMPK F

HMPK Male Father of Spawn
HMPK Female Mother of Spawn



















10/22/2023 – There are about 100 give or take wigglers in the nest. They are light colored with dark stripes around the eye area. They appear lively and father is dutifully attending to them.

10/24/2023 – Fry are swimming freely, male removed. Added Vinegar Eels.

10/27/2023 – Still observe plenty of active healthy fry, have been adding Vinegar Eels regularly and will begin adding BBS as well today. Father has recovered well and is eating. Will prep him for another breeding.

11/02/2023 – Around 30-50 fry remain doing well and eating regularly of BBS. Water change has occurred and water has been raised to full. Cherry shrimp and mystery snails added to handle food leftovers and are doing a great job keeping the tank clean.

11/03/2023 – Fry continue to grow and are now gorging on BBS readily, noticeable pink bellies on them. It is getting close to time to turn on the sponge filter.

11/09/2023 – Fry are 3 weeks old now and there are still many in the tank. They are readily hunting down BBS 2x a day when added to the tank and are on track for their growth to age ratio.

11/14/2023 – Fry are doing well, there is still a good amount and they are growing quickly. They are starting to darken in color and showing a bit more bluish in coloring.

11/16/2023 – Fry almost ready to move on to the larger growout tank.

11/20/2023 – Fry moved to Growout Tank A.



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