Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

Reminder: Due to an extreme cold front expected early next week we will NOT be shipping next week. We are currently planning to try to ship next on January 22nd.

This week had back to back storms that delayed shipping and took our attention away from our planned spawns. We added 2 more spawn tanks to bringing our current number of tanks set up for spawns to 11. Currently 4 of those tanks have growing spawns in them that will likely be being moved to Grow Out Tank D in the next 2 weeks. We ran spawns at the end of the week in the 7 remaining open tanks with these males:

Due to dealing with cleanup after the storms we did not get to photograph new fish for sale until late in the week. New sales fish should start appearing on the website site tomorrow. We have fish in Grow Out Tank B that will be being jarred and uploaded in the next couple weeks that have come out very colorful. Here is a sneak peak at whats coming out of Growout B:




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