Next Fish Shipping Date: 6/24/24

We are returning to using a standardized insulated shipping box exclusively on or about Jan 22nd. This will streamline our outgoing shipments for the customer and for packing ease making it so we can get more packages out in a day. We are moving to using one standard size box rather then having 10 different box sizes which will make shipping costs easier to negotiate and therefore keep as low as possible. However this means that we will need to restrict the number of fish per order to what can fit in this box. We are working now on developing and implementing coding to help display how much room is in the box as you add to your order. Once the box is full you will need to complete your order and start a new order if you wish to order additional fish. Since the average customer orders 5 or less fish we do not expect this to effect most customers in anyway. In fact the box size we have decided on has never been completely filled with any order in the existence of our site which is why we chose it. This only effects live animal orders and does not effect non live goods which will still be packaged in the appropriate sized box as it does not need to be insulted.

Starting on Jan 1st 2024 we will be adding Tuesday and Wednesday as standard shipping days for live shipments in addition to Mondays. Wednesday shipments will only be for those shipments within 500 miles of our location and/or overnight. Monday & Tuesday shipments will be for all shipping packages. Non live good shipments will still ship all 6 shipping days (Mon-Sat) of the week.

Our Terms of Sale and live arrival guarantees have been updated for 2024. Please familiarize yourself with them before ordering. The most notable changes are:

  • Store credit will be the default refund policy going forward into 2024.
  • Update to the live shipment days to include Tuesday & Wednesday.
  • We will no longer ship if the destination area in certain weather conditions.
  • We have added a boarding fish option if conditions prevent you from receiving your desired fish on the shipping date.
  • There is now a 25% restocking fee on most customer initiated cancellations.
  • We have added a local pickup option for pickup in Opp, AL.
  • We have removed the temperature restriction from our Live Arrival Guarantee due to no longer shipping in weather conditions that would put the life of the fish at risk.
  • Hawaii customers are now required to have the import license IN HAND prior to ordering or they will void the live arrival guarantee.
  • We have added clarification regarding missing/stolen packages in our Terms of Sale.

We are also working on upgrading our site to make it so you can add fish to your order up to the day before the shipping date more easily. We are hoping to have that upgrade complete by the end of January 2024.


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