Next Fish Shipping Date: 6/24/24

Photo Watermarking Policy Update

Due to an increased rash of persons taking our photos and artwork and using them om their own sites, to sell fish they do not have, using them on other sales sites like eBay and Amazon we will begin watermarking ALL images uploaded onto the website and most images linked to our social medias from this point forward with our website address in the center of the image. We will also begin adding a new option to purchase the unwatermarked photos of fish and printed photos of fish directly from us. To purchase the unwatermarked photos of the fish you are purchasing will be an additional $2.50 which will grand the purchaser of the fish a non commercial license to the unwatermarked photos. For those not purchasing fish we will offer the option to have a print made of a fish photo they like for $10 which will include an 8×10 photo print and shipping. Buyers and site visitors are allowed to share the watermarked photos without purchasing the photo upgrade but these photos shall not be used to resell the fish after purchase or to sell your own fish. No commercial license to sell our artwork and photos as prints, shirts, or to use them to sell anything by a third part that is NOT USBetta is granted to any user.

The Return of Baby Betta

Starting January 8th 2023 we will begin offering the chance to purchase Baby Betta again. These Betta will be between 8 and 12 weeks old. These fish will already be accustomed to eating crumbles and frozen and come from known parents with known hatch dates allowing their new owners to know exactly where their fish came from and when. Our Baby Betta, unlike those from larger commercial stores, will have only been shipped once in their lives and that will be to their new homes. Due to the nature of the marble gene, varying growth rates, and inability to control how they are fed after they leave our care there is of course no guarantee what the babies will look like when they mature but by knowing what the parents looked like you have a better idea of what to expect from your own baby. Prior to the relaunch of Baby Betta sales we will release multiple articles about how to properly care for a Baby Betta. Properly cared for Baby Betta will generally be overall healthier and live longer than fish purchased as adults which will have been shipped multiple times and been housed in conditions not conductive to health. Our Betta are raised in carefully maintained planted tank environments with water from a deep well.


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