Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

Our incoming shipment has been delayed 1 week to accommodate our suppliers. One more week has been added to those who wish to buy fish and transship them with us. We have added an updated Transshipping Services page for those who wish to use our services that will answer common questions.

Our cull auction policy has been updated to reflect the following changes for all future cull auctions:

  • All local pickups for culls must occur within 72 hours of auction end. – When we offer a fish for cull it is because we need the tank the following week. We cannot hold up a tank longer than 72 hours after auction end. Please do not bid if you cannot pickup within 72 hours.
  • There will be a $5 box fee for cull auctions unless you have also purchased a regular priced fish in the same week. – This fee covers the cost of supplies required to ship fish(bags, boxes, insulation, packing material, tape, labels, and so on) that are usually built into the price of the fish. Because we make very little to no profit on cull auction sales we cannot cover the cost of the supplies to ship the fish safely.This is one fee whether you buy 1 cull or 10 culls but is waived if you buy a non cull auction fish in the same week.

Our Shipping Policies, Live Arrival Guarantee, and Shipping Prices have the following changes:

  • We are suspending USPS entirely and will ONLY use this provider for shipments going to protectorates and will be offered for Hawaii/Alaska shipments. There will be NO live arrival guarantee on USPS shipments going forward. You use USPS at your OWN risk.
  • We are upgrading to using UPS 2 Day or Overnight services only. There will be a minor increase in current standard shipping rates, however, it is 1000% safer for all involved.
  • All fish can now ship 2 day or Overnight.
  • Our live arrival guarantee has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Starting soon sometime in October we will be changing our standard shipping boxes for winter shipping. There may be a slight price adjustment with shipping when that occurs. If it does happen to change shipping prices we will give a weeks notice before the switch.


USBetta will be offering membership to the USBetta Club which will grant members the following benefits:

Free transshipment fees on up to 5 fish or 5″ of fish per shipment (Box fees and shipping still apply) or 25% reduced fees on boxes.

20% off all fish and most items.

Free 2 day shipping when you buy $80 worth of fish and free overnight when you spend $120 on fish.

Buy 10 fish get 1 fish free (free fish will be equal to the average of all fish purchased).

Early Bird Access to new fish, see new fish for sale on SUNDAY instead of MONDAY.

Advanced notice of upcoming sales (excluding flash sales).

Access to the USBetta subscribers only FB group to share your fish, get advice and tips, and our website forum.


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