Next Fish Shipping Day is May 8th.

Due to reaching the end of our current inventory and an incoming shipment expected to arrive next week we will be partially closed in preparation of receiving, treating, sorting, photoing, and acclimating the new fish.

No new cull auctions will occur until 10/12. We cannot reserve tanks space for culls at this time. If you wish to buy culls you must be willing to commit to ten culls of any color, tail type, and gender shipped to you for $48. If this is a commitment you can make please contact us via our Facebook page otherwise no culls will be available for sale. All remaining culls will be hard culled on Sunday to clear tanks for the new shipment.

Only a very small selection of new fish will be posted for sale on 9/27.

Customer service will be much slower during this time.

Fish will still ship Mondays as normal on 9/27 and 10/4.



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