Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

USBetta is committed to providing not just the healthiest Betta but the happiest as well as in educating potential Betta owners on properly housing Betta. Like many breeders and sellers we house most of our fish currently in large jars between 1/2 and 1 gallon in size. We are committed to doing away with the jarring system for all Betta over 4 months old. We will be upgrading our system to 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon tanks with filters. We are committed to completing this change as quickly as possible but vow to have 75% of our cups removed and changed to 5 gallon tanks by 2022.

This chance will reduce the number of fish we can house at one time about around 75%, which means that we will need to be more selective in our stocking and holds from our breeding tanks. We will still have to use jarring for young Betta between the ages of 2 months and 4 months as this is the safest way to ensure that these young Betta get the proper nutrition and pristine water they require during a critical growth period in their lives.



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