Tons of people have asked us to have options besides live fish and supplies to purchase and support our business. We took your demands and ran with them commissioning amazing artists to create custom on one of a kind only available here characters for us. Each character will be available for a limited time 90 day period from the day they are officially released to buy Merch related to them. Once that character is retired from it will not be brought back for a minimum of 2 years. Merch will be available of each character, including shirts, tumblers, bowls, and other assorted merch. Because these items are print on demand we will not have much if any stock of these once the character retires. We are also printing 1000 stickers of each character, each sticker will be die cut and about 3″. Only 1000 stickers per run of the character will be printed so if they run out before the 90 days thats all there is folks. If we still have stickers of a character at the end of the 90 days left we will still give them out randomly with orders until they are all gone.

There are 2 ways to get a sticker, you can buy one directly or you will get a random one with each website order. We do not take suggestions or requests for the random free sticker. They are put into sealed envelopes and mixed up and pulled out to go into packages. We do not include stickers in our eBay orders, sorry.


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