Next Fish Shipping Day is May 8th.

Prior to 2020 each month USBetta would donate 15% of our net profits to a charity of our choosing. Now that we are back in full we have decided to continue this program. For June 2021 we will donate 15% of our net profits to the organization Childheld. Childhelp works to prevent child abuse, help the abused get to safety and get the help they need to recover from abuse. They operate the national child abuse hotline 1-800-4-a-child and provide numerous programs across the US to help children.

One of their key programs is to provide children who are transitioning into foster care with a bookbag and comfort items. Children entering foster homes are often forced to put what little things of their own they have in trash bags. This is dehumanizing and only serves to make a very scary time worse. A donation of $20 helps supply a child with a bookbag instead of a trashbag. You can donate to help abused children and prevent child abuse by going to their website and making a donation directly ( or by purchasing anything we sell in the month of June.



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