Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

We have a couple changes going on in the fish room that require the emptying of all of our tanks so that they can be relocated. We are building a couple of tank racks to consolidate our current tanks into less space then they are currently taking to allow for the addition of more tanks. Swapping to this new rack system will allow us to fit 3x as many tanks into the same space. To facilitate this we are going to be accelerating the listing of fish as some of the tank that need to get moved are sororities and growouts. Every fish in our current inventory will be listed over the month of March.

We will not be doing any imports and we will not be doing any spawns in the month of March. All we will be focusing on in March is reducing inventory. We are breaking down our sororities and turning them into grow outs. USBetta will not be keeping sorority tanks for a number of reasons any longer.

Also please note we currently have avoided having to do a hard cull in years but our cull shelves are now 100% full and we will have to do a hard cull Friday if we do not have some cull orders soon. On this note we are now offering the ability to add 1 free cull to your order just add please send me a cull on the comments section. Free culls will be whatever we grab no picking color gender or anything else. You get what you get. We need about 30 culls to go to new homes by Friday to avoid a hard cull.


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