Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

During our move it appears our higher end lens for our DSLR camera was damaged. We have had to revert to a stock lens until a replacement arrives which means our photos won’t be as vivid as usual. Because we have limited space and monthly incoming Betta we must continue on schedule to photo the fish so that they they do not end up missing a chance to find their homes and cannot just stop and wait for a new camera. The photos we are taking are still show color, confirmation, and overall quality well they just may not show scaling as clearly and will not be print qulaity.

We are also experiencing an issue with our new locations water. It is well aerated and this is causing a large number of tiny bubbles that cling to our photo tanks and fish. This causes no harm to the fish or the tanks but does sometimes show up in the photos. Since it is not a health concern for the fish we will keep photoing and uploading them while we try to figure out a solution to this issue. Because it is not limited to just the utility sink in the fish area but throughout the entire property we suspect its going to be an issue that will take some time to track down and solve. For now just note that you may see bubbles on the fish and tank in the photos, we apologize for this and are working on it.


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