Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

We have repeatedly been asked to include a “wholesale” pricing for larger orders. As we are not licensed for wholesale we cannot do that but we have added a new product called Betta Boxes which are boxes of randomly selected Betta from our unphotoed stock. These come in sizes ranging from 10 to 100 Betta and 4 options of whats in the box.

Our HM boxes will include ONLY HM Males, our HMPK boxes will include ONLY HMPK Males, our Female boxes will include ONLY females but may be a mix of any tail type we carry (HMPK/HM/CT), our Random Boxes will include Delta, HM, HMPK, CT, and very rarely Dumbo/Giants males and females (predominantly males) as we have them on hand. Colors will vary, we will try not to include alot of repeating colors if we can avoid it as we know no one wants a box of all the same colors… well unless they do. However we cannot take “suggestions” or wants for the colors or tail types (unless you order a specific tail type box) included in these boxes.

The prices of these boxes include shipping in the lower 48 we can converse with those outside the lower 48 for shipping to other areas of the US. It will be slightly move obviously. This is a good deal for someone wanting to try out selling in their area without dealing with importing or wholesaler account requirements.


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