Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

For 2022 we are changing the free sticker with order policy to only apply to orders made on our website that total over $40 (including shipping) which should include most orders. As usual the sticker received will be randomly selected and could be any sticker we sell OR random assorted stickers. We place these stickers in envelopes each month and these envelopes are mixed up and randomly chosen so we cannot and will not honor special requests. If you need a specific sticker please order them from the website. We have now set it up that if you order a sticker with your fish order the price of the sticker is reduced. EBay order and direct orders from social media that do not go through our website will not be eligible for free stickers nor will most cull auction orders.

Stickers are intended for personal use only we do not authorize our stickers to be used in commercial products sold to others such as being placed on decorated cups and sold. We intend to use our sticker designs for our own products and will not authorize their use on products for commercial purposes (as in you intend to sell the final product feel free to use them to decorate gifts for yourself or others that you do not make profit off of).




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