Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

Winter shipping rules will go into affect on Nov 1st 2022. When Winter Shipping rules go into affect only UPS 2/3 Day shipping or Overnight will be offered for the safety of the fish. Our heat packs are only good for 72 hours, and currently the standard shipping method USPS Priority or UPS Ground are both averaging closer to 3-5 days then 2-3 days. The difference of $3-5 can mean life or death for your fish.

We are also alerting customers that if carriers continue to average 3-5 days transit time instead of 2-3 days on August 31st we will be moving to 2 Day only early as we do not want to put our fish through transit delays due to carrier inability to hit the estimated times we are given. We are continuing to see significant delays out of the Jacksonville UPS terminal and Ybor USPS terminals. If you are more than 1000 miles away we STRONGLY suggest you use the 2/3 Day option for the health and safety of your Betta. We will work with UPS to see if we can find a discount rate that will see a very minimal increase in shipping costs for these options.


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