USBetta is prepping to receive our first large betta fish order in our new warehouse. Because we are at such low stock now and have so much prepping to do there will be no new fish posted until after this order arrives. We are looking forward to our new location being open to our customers to pickup and to also browse our entire selection. Our new location will be open to customers, but only by appointment as right now we do not have the volume of walk in traffic to support keeping set hours. When our new location opens to the public (BY APPOINTMENT) we will have some ground rules for visits which include but are not limited to:


  1. Due to this being a warehouse not a retail setting children under the age of 18 are not permitted, it is simply not safe for the energy and hands on desires of children.
  2. Only one customer will be allowed at a time. Customer may bring with them one other adult but any more than two people are allowed in the warehouse at a time.
  3. Touch nothing in the warehouse, if you decide to buy something the employee must bring it to the front for you.

In addition to Betta fish we will be stocking fish supplies, guppies, flower horns, and other assorted fish. We will also be stocking fish bags, fish shipping containers, and offering fish packing and shipping services.


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