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We ship to both Hawaii and Alaska, but these locations have increases in the costs for shipping with more express methods like UPS. We can ship via USPS priority but our Live Arrival Guarantee is suspended for shipments to these two locations due to the high risk of delay. UPS 2 Day and Next Day are offered but these rates are substantially higher because of the extreme distance involved UPS charges a much higher amount.


Please take care not to order fish if you have to get packages from a third party or otherwise receive mail through a third party system not handled directly by UPS or USPS. Any delivery outside the tracking system of these services will void the Live Arrival Guarantee. Hold for Pickup is greatly recommended.


Please note to receive a shipment of fish in Hawaii you will need to acquire an import permit from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and we will need you to either email or FB message us a copy of your permit at least 24 hours before your fish ship. We CANNOT ship orders to Hawaii without a copy of this permit. Please note these permits can take several weeks to acquire and you should not order until yours is in your hands.


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