Next Fish Shipping Date: 6/24/24

Shipping tomorrow is a go for the greater portion of the country. If you have had an order on hold due to weather issues you should prepare because you fish will likely be shipping tomorrow. Please check your emails!

Out of the 7 pairings we made last week we have fry in at least 2 of them. The older fry still in their spawn tanks are also doing well. Growout Tank D is ready and waiting for them but they have not quite reached the size we like them to be to move them to a grow out tank yet. Grow Out Tank A will be emptied out this week and resting for the spawns we just made last week so it will have at least a 3 week rest before seeing another spawn. During that rest period we are going to add additional orange shrimp and that 3-4 week period should give them plenty of time to get well established before they have to deal with any food sharing pressure from the Baby Betta.

We plan to add shrimp to each of the Growout tanks. A will have orange, B will have Blue Dream, C will have Green Jade, and D will have Black. We also intend to hopefully add more Growouts and more colors of shrimp but that depends on how much interest we have in our Betta. Right now our growth is entirely determined by sales.

We are still waiting to see if the other pairings took or not. Sometimes when spawns are small it can be hard to determined especially when nest are built in the rear of the tanks where we cannot easily check them for eggs. Here is a sneak peak at some of the breeders we got in the shipment for this month. They will not be available for sale until we have gotten at least own spawn or failed spawn out of them but they will be for sale eventually.


All Baby Betta were removed from the site this weekend as they will be transitioning to 3-4 months old over the next couple weeks and are no longer considered, at least by us, babies. We only consider Betta babies from 1-12 weeks old. They will return to the website but in the adult Betta section. New Baby Betta will be coming from Grow Out Tank B soon.



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