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We can all agree that frozen food is the best for your Betta, but sometimes it is hard to feed it when you have only a few or one fish since the large cubes or flat packs are more intended for feeding out a large number of fish. Or perhaps much larger fish. So how can you feed frozen to your singleton or small amount of fish?

We use ice cube trays that make very tiny ice cubes and then thaw our selected frozen food out put a single fish’s meal into each small ice cube spot with water sufficient to fill the remaining space and then refreeze. This allows us to create many small single feedings to fed out. We use these Small Ice Cube Tray from Amazon for this purpose. They make up to 160 individual feedings per tray and the soft silicone is easy to push the cubes out of. When we need to make a whole of ice cubes we freeze them, pop them out of the tray into a container that sits in the freezer, and then make more. The one down side to these trays being silicone is it is difficult to transport them by simply holding the tray for transport. For this reason we recommend using a baking cookie sheet to transport them to and from the freezer when they are not frozen yet.

These trays can also be used to freeze your own live foods like daphnia, mosquito larva, brine shrimp, or other live foods for later feeding.


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