Next Fish Shipping Date: 3/25/24

Due to issues with providers we are now requiring anyone selling us fish to read this page and agree to these terms. These terms are now in effect as of October 10th 2021.


Betta Fish Requirements:


  • We requires all fish provided to us to be between 3 and 6 months old.
  • We do not accept SOLID red or blue Betta fish. This includes all shades of blue including turquoise, royal blue, and steel blue.
  • We do not accept Cambodian betta fish, that is those with a pale body and red fins as shown in the photo.
  • Only halfmoon, crowntail, HMPK, or Dumbos are accepted. We no longer accept deltas and all fish must be at minimum A grade.
  • We require both males and females on every order, if you cannot provide females than please do not offer us fish.
  • Our minimum order is 100 fish and our maximum order is 1000 fish. Our standard order is 250 fish.
  • If more than 1/2 the order is DOA another shipment must be prepared and sent within 14 days to replace those fish. If less then 1/2 of the shipment is DOA than the fish must be replaced on the next normal shipment.
    • Betta fish that die within 48 hours of arrival to us in USA must be replaced by the seller on next shipment. Please package your fish so that they do not become ill on transport.

Payment Requirements:

  • We will pay with PAYPAL only.
    • We will only use goods and services for all payments made BEFORE fish are delivered to Joty/Hermanus.
    • Friends and family payment is ONLY acceptable AFTER fish have been delivered to Joty/Hermanus.
    • We will NOT pay shipping to the seller we will pay shipping directly to the transhipper.
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