Next Fish Shipping Day is May 8th.

Fish Are Listed In Multiple Places

We list our fish in multiple places to have the best chance of selling them. Because we cannot cross link the inventory across all these sites there is a chance a fish will sell on two platforms before we can remove it from availability. We are a small business and there is some lag time between when a fish sells and we can update inventory on all other sites. If this happens the person who PAID FIRST via the time stamp of their cleared payment will be the one who gets the fish all other orders will be cancelled. It is very rare that this happens but our policy is first paid first served.

Adding Fish After Ordering

If you have already made an order and that order has not shipped (orders ship the NEXT Monday after receiving them) you can contact us via Facebook to invoice you for the fish you want or you can place the order and a discount will be applied when we process the orders for shipping. This will happen automatically if multiple orders ship to the same name and address in the same week. If you contact us through Facebook please be aware that we are not a 24/7 staffed facility and are a small hobby business so there is a chance someone else will buy the fish you want between when you send the messages and when we check them. Our policy is whoever pays first gets the fish. Please DO NOT simply send money to us to add a fish to your order via PayPal. ALL orders must be processed through the website.

New Fish Added Every 2 Weeks

All fish are photoed and uploaded to the site the week they arrive but will not be available to purchase until the Monday after they arrive. When new fish go for sale the fish that were for sale previously that did not sell will be removed from sale. As we are an all tank facility we do not have space to hold fish for sale indefinitely. While uploading all the fish for sale the fish will be in “Preview” Category on the website which means you can see them and their information but they will NOT be purchasable until the Monday following their arrival.  There is NO way to circumvent this and we will not pull a fish from preview to sell early for any reason. All customers will have the same chance to buy the fish when they come for sale at 8:01 AM the Monday following their arrival.

No Cherry Picking (All Fish)

We import fish in bulk from various overseas countries through various breeders. Because we purchase in bulk we do not know which colors will be on each bulks shipment. Fish that we acquire in bulk for sale are always offered for sale before being added to our breeding program. This policy does not allow for us to cherry pick the nicest fish from our bulk shipments for our own purposes. All fish we purchase via wholesalers are offered for sale for at least 7 days and no more than 14. From time to time we may buy fish specifically for breeding, this is when we buy small numbers of hand picked fish purposely to improve our program and these fish may not be offered for sale. But all bulk purchases are offered for sale as they come in. This gives our customers the chance to add fish to our breeding program.

Breeding Select Fish

Fish imported through wholesale will ALWAYS be offered for sale for a least 7 days. These fish will be marked as breeder in their additional information on the website. Fish with this designation will NEVER have their price reduced, be included in sales, or have coupons applied to them.

Quality of Care

USBetta, Inc does not house our adult (older than 3 months) Betta fish in any container less then 2.5 gallons unless we are are treating them for illness. Our fish are cared for with the upmost respect for their needs both mentally and physically. We are working hard to upgrade all of our tanks to be planted. All tanks are filtered and the ambient temperature is kept between 76-82 degrees at all times. Our fish are fed healthy diets of the best foods including frozen, high end pellets, and live foods that are alternated to prevent boredom. Fish who are ill are treated whenever possible. We maintain health by practicing safe handling procedures which includes frequent hand sanitizing, not using the same net for multiple tanks, and having closed systems on every tank (aka we do not use bulk overflow filtration that shares water between tanks). All imported and wholesale fish are treated for parasites upon arrival.

Color/Pattern (Betta/Guppy)

USBetta’s names for colors or patterns are not based on any established show standards and many color names are made up on the fly by the person posting them. If a color is widely known as something and the fish somewhat resembles that color scheme then we will use that widely known color name. We include multiple clear photos of the fish you are buying and you are free to research the correct “show standard” color/pattern name of that color or pattern if one exists. We expect persons interested in acquiring fish for breeding or show will know or take the time to research the color and pattern standards for themselves and make selections with the knowledge.

Grading and Pricing (All Fish)

We grade fish based on in house standards not show standards. Those parties interested in showing or breeding fish for show should be well versed in what they are looking for in a fish. We provide many clear photos of fish we sell so that they can be clearly seen by potential buyers. A fish we consider AAA may not be worthy of showing or breeding at all. Our grading system is based in the quality of the fish in terms of their salability and pricing with fish we consider high grade being more expensive then those lower because they are flashier and will sell more quickly. This has nothing to do with if they are show worthy at all.

No Shipping Holds

All fish purchased from 8 AM Monday – 8 AM Monday the following week will be shipped that week unless otherwise specified. The shipping date for the fish you are ordering will be displayed at the top of the website. Due to getting orders in every 2 weeks we cannot change the shipping schedule. Please make sure you READ the date of shipping displayed on checkout. Your fish will arrive 1-4 days after shipping. Please prepare your tanks before your fish arrives.

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